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White 1200 ml STAINLESS STEEL liquid soap dispenser

Product Code: 03002.W
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  • Manufactured In Europe
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  • Made in Stainless Steel AISI 304, 1 mm thickness, and one only piece.
  • In the upper part is located the refilling door which opens with an special anti vandal key.
  • Assembling: 3 assembling points completely hided .
  • Delivered with an special key and 5 mm screws
  • Brass chromed pushing button
  • Anti vandal polycarbonate soap level viewer
  • ABS chromed valve.
  • Dimensions: 210 height x 121 width x 70 depth (mm)
  • Maximum dimensions: 210 height x 121 width x 130 depth (mm)
  • Weight (empty): 0,7 Kg.
  • Recommended distance to install from counter: 120 – 200 mm.
  • Capacity: 1,2 liters
  • Designed for all kind of soaps (except chirurgical)
  •  Vertical liquid soap dispenser for hang on wall.
  • Pushing button.
  • Designed for high traffic people use, specially public bathrooms.
  • Anti vandal and strong.
  • Bright Polish finish and available in satin finish (03001.S)

Maintenance : Stainless Steel requires maintenance, after some time dust may damage the stainless steel chrome. We recommend a regular clearing with an specific stainless steel cleaner that we can provide to you.

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