Injuries and falls in the bathroom due to wet or slippery floors are very common. Therefore, the installation of grab bars in the bathroom is considered an important safety feature when designing a bathroom. Grab rails in the bathroom can be a lifesaver not only for elderly people but also for those with disabilites and mobility problems. In order to provide a comfortable and safe environment, there are several bathroom grab rails designs available that can be added to the design of your bathroom to make it accessible, safe and comfortable whatever the size of your bathroom.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, however it is the most used! Therefore it pays to invest a little more in your bathroom and remodel it to benefit you and bring you comfort and peace whether you are taking a refreshing shower, or a long hot spa bath.

Designing and decorating your bathroom is one thing, but keeping it clean and maintaining a sparkling bathroom is necessary to ensure they remain attractive and pleasant. A clean bathroom where everything is grime free and sparkling with no odour looks and smells beautiful and welcoming. Cleaning your bathroom is also necessary to extend the life of your bathroom fixtures and fittings. However, the question is how to clean bathroom products without leaving residue, smears and causing rust. Here is a complete cleaning guide for bathroom products to make regular cleaning and maintenance convenient for you.

Toilet Grab bars are a mobility aid to help you keep safe and independent during your visit to the bathroom.  Proper placement of grab bars around the toilet is critical to provide ease of use, make you feel safer and more comfortable when getting around the toilet space. Similarly, bathtub grab bars placement and place where to install grab bars in the shower should be critically decided before installation.

grab bar

A baby changing station is a very useful piece of nursery equipment. They provide a much needed helping hand when it comes time for a nappy change. Providing ease and comfort when you need an extra pair of hands and a secure table to change your baby. The Velo baby change table features a smooth, comfortable and secure wall fixture design.  The moulded design keeps your baby safely in place to perform all kinds of tasks with your baby such as nappy and clothing changes. All your nappy-changing supplies can be stored at arms reach removing the worry of leaving your baby unattended.

Having a neat clean and sparkling commercial bathroom is important for a number of reasons. A clean and hygienic bathroom offers a good impression of your business, and confidence from the user that the washroom is free of germs and bacteria.  For example; a bathroom in a busy shopping centre requires cleaning several times a day to prevent people from stepping over puddles of wet paper on the floor and stagnant water around the sink.

It’s vital that your facilities and cleaning teams create a pleasant and fresh environment in your commercial bathroom space.  If you’re someone who is responsible for a commercial bathroom, then there are three main requirements that must be met to increase your visitor’s satisfaction.

If you’re a business, facilitating clients, customers and visitors is your first priority. Your place of business should be clean, well fitted out and hygienic places to be in. There are some key bathroom accessories that make up a complete washroom facility but can be ignored or forgotten in some commercial washrooms.


Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom is a crucial part of your home and contributes to the overall theme of your interior décor. Although, there are not many options available when it comes to decide for the bathroom décor but still bathroom accessories play that important role in creating an overall aesthetically appealing look of your bathroom space. You can have a range of luxury bathroom accessories Australia wide but what suits your space, design, shape, color and style is the most worth-noticing factor. With the right selection of bathroom accessories you can turn even a normal bathroom into a luxurious, glamorous and costly one or vice versa.


Velo hand dryers challenge the market leaders in hand dryers. They give Dyson a run for their money when it comes to design, innovation, speed and when it comes to cost, they knock it out of the park and beat Dyson and other market leaders in commercial hand dryers. 

Need more convincing? Here are five good reasons you should look at Velo when purchasing commercial hand dryers for your business whether it's a large corporate office building, or a small cafe or medical centre. Velo has you covered.


A commercial bathroom is a little different to your bathroom at home. There are multiple cubicles; often a row of urinals in the men's bathroom and the foot traffic is far higher than the average family home! Large corporate offices or public spaces such as sporting and entertainment venues can have thousands of users a day.  So, which are the 5 best washroom accessories that every commercial bathroom needs?



Did you know that one if five Australians live with some kind of disability? The notion that most people are the same is a naive one, and as we move to become a more inclusive nation, it’s essential to cater to every Australian. When you are planning the design of your commercial washroom, or public bathroom, it is vital to think about the space you have, and the space you need to ensure appropriate disabled access.

The change of seasons brings with it an influx of germs, bugs, colds and flu viruses.  There are the basics we can all do to reduce the spread of germs such as sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, washing hands frequently and keeping your telephone and keyboard clean.

However, when it comes to using a hand dryer in public bathroom, people tend not to use them correctly and instead of reducing bacteria and germs we can end up unwittingly spreading them! Following some simple tips can help reduce the spread of germs in public places and more importantly reduce the chances of you getting sick.

Commercial hand dryers tend to have an average lifespan of 5 years, but some old workhorses can blast out noisy, hot air for decades without being considered for replacement or upgrade.  But, as design and the facilities industries move forward and evolve at a rate of knots, does the humble hand dryer get left behind and should more attention be paid to bathroom hygiene and comfort?

Great article written by Jo Ann Duff at HPA Group about the importance of green targets for facility managers. We were fortunate enough to have our Velo Veltia Tri-Blade hand dryer featured in the article.

Drying times for hand dryers are a key factor in bathroom hygiene. After all, it's why they are there! Wet hands mean a spread of germs and an uncomfortable experience for people using them. We’ve all used public restrooms which have poor hand drying systems and no backup paper towels. We’ve done the ‘shake’, or wiped our hands on our clothes as we grab the door and walk out, hoping no-one touches your hands until they are dry again. All these actions spread germs, but does heat in a hand dryer improve the situation and make a positive difference?

Hand dryers stayed the same for many, many years until the innovation and design of the tri-blade and air blade models came along and shook up the industry.

Hand Drying Made Smarter

Hand dryers have come a long way and are now much more than just another economic alternative for paper towels. Facilities can now create clean, sophisticated, modern-day restrooms using hand dryers.

Energy-Saving Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are the best possible alternatives to paper towels. Replacing paper towels with hand dryers will help you in minimizing the costs associated with maintenance and disposal. Furthermore, they considerably reduce the amount of solid waste that makes its way into the landfill.


Facilities and building managers are always watching the bottom line and working with tight budgets, so when it can be a good idea to look at buying second-hand equipment, however, what are the pros and cons of buying a hand dryer which has been used elsewhere? 


What to consider when placing a hand dryer?

There are quite a few considerations to take into account before deciding to place or install your hand dryer. Just picking a spot and fixing it on the wall can be dangerous, spread water borne bacteria, and also be a hindrance to people who come in to use and maintain the facilities.

Maintenance Tips For Hand Dryers

Maintaining a hand dryer may not be the first thought for a facilities manager, or cleaning staff, but it’s important to ensure that the hand dryers you have are working correctly and delivering the required service.

There are two firm camps when it comes to deciding if hand dryers, or paper towels, are more hygienic. One side will argue that hand dryers blow bacteria and water droplets around, while the other says that hand dryers reduce waste, which hangs around and harbours germs.

Facilities managers and cleaners need to provide a washroom service which is fast, clean, low cost and with minimum maintenance. What they also need to do in today’s world is look at doing all that, but in a greener way. 

The Velo team was proud to take part in their first architectural, interiors and landscape event at the iconic Barangaroo Cutaway. It was a great opportunity to showcase the Velo product range to over 400 Architect specifiers. 

Here is sneak peak at our new video to promote the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade which will be featured at the next Architect event in Sydney October 13th at Barangaroo Sydney.

What to Consider When Sourcing Hand Dryers for Disabled Toilets

Hand dryers are common in all public toilets. However, when it comes to installing a dryer in a disabled toilet, you need to keep many things in mind. It should be easily accessible for a person in a wheelchair.

But not all disabled people use wheelchairs. There are different types of disabilities. 

The Velo Fuga Hand Dryer

Are you shopping for a new hand dryer for your new commercial space or business? Check out the Velo Fuga hand dryer.

So, why should you choose the Velo Fuga?

Are you happy with your current hand dryer? Looking to purchase a versatile and high performance product to replace it? The Velo Big Flow hand dryer is the solution.

Why should you go for the Velo Big Flow?


How much do hand dryers cost

Are you setting up your new business or planning to build a new commercial building? You may have plenty of matters that need your attention and they will pre-occupy your mind.

There will be a moment, when you realise that you have to pick the right hand dryer for the toilet.

With so many options available today on the market for hand dryers it can be difficult to determine which models are the best options for your needs. A quality hand dryer should be energy efficient and should dry hands quickly. However, beyond those basic features do you know what exactly you should shop for? Here are some tips to help you choose the right hand dryer

If you are looking to purchase hand dryers for schools, then there are a number of points to consider to ensure that you select the right hand dryers. Here are some tips to help you select hand dryers that are durable, efficient, and cost-effective.

These days, more and more toilets have electric hand dryers instead of paper towels. This is because electric hand dryers offer a cost-efficient option over paper towels. Using an electric hand dryer also eliminates waste. Here are 4 things that you didn't know about hand dryers that make them a good option for your business.

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Paper Hand Towels Cost Comparison

When it comes to hand drying options, you have two main choices – hand dryers and paper towels. While some people prefer towels, others like hand dryers because they don’t waste paper and thus are eco-friendly. Which one should you use? Let’s compare one of the best hand dryers with paper towels.

Velo Fuga Hand Dryer Vs Paper Hand Towels Cost Comparison

When it comes to hand drying options, you have two main choices – hand dryers and paper towels. While some people prefer towels, others like hand dryers because they don’t waste paper and thus are eco-friendly. Which one should you use? Let’s compare one of the best hand dryers with paper towels.

Velo Bigflow Hand Dryer

The competitively priced Velo Bigflow hand dryer combines low noise and class with one of the best warranty's in its class. It's sleek European design makes it suitable for a wide variety of low - medium traffic situations like cafes, doctors rooms, small offices, restaurants and theatres.

How Much Do Dyson Hand Dryers Cost?

Dyson hand dryers offer significant cost savings for businesses when compared to paper towel use in bathrooms that are frequently used. The cost savings also comes in the form of electricity savings when compared with other brands of electric hand dryers, which can be slow and require more electricity to run. Here is what you can expect in terms of the cost when you install Dyson hand dryers for your business.

Dyson Vs VELO Hand Dryers

With so many options for hand dryers available on the market, it is a good idea to do some research before you settle on a hand dryer brand for your business. While Dyson and VELO have both been recommended as leading hand dryers, make sure that you consider the differences between these two manufacturers and their leading models. Here is how Dyson and VELO hand dryers stack up when it it comes to providing efficient hand dryers for your business.

Comparing Davidson,Jet Dryer and VELO Hand Dryers

If you are planning to buy hand dryers for your business, you have probably heard about all of the different brands including Mediclinics, VELO and Mitsubishi. However, with so many options available, it can be hard to determine which hand dryer offers the best all around features. If you are trying to select the best hand dryer brand for your needs, here is what you should know about hand dryers from Davidson and Jet Dryer and how they compare to VELO hand dryers.

Maintenance of Dyson Airblade v/s Velo Veltia Triblade

While Dyson Airblade and Velo Veltia, both are excellent products, there are several key differences between them. One of those differences is their maintenance. Buying a hand dryer is one thing, maintaining it is a whole different thing. It’s always a good idea to buy a product that is not too demanding when it comes to its upkeep. After all, if the dryer is going to be used by many people, it’s going to need some care. Here are the details for maintaining both these hand dryers:

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Hand Dryer

In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer stacks up against the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim hand dryer

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus Hand Dryer

In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer goes against the Davidson Washroom Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus hand dryer.

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Jet Dryer Executive 2

In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer goes against the Jet Dryer Executive 2 hand dryer.

Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels

When it comes to hand dryers and paper towels most studies are based on old models from years ago. The truth is, paper doesn't stand a chance when it comes to the new technology used in today's turbo fast dryers.

High speed, energy efficient hand dryers such as the Velo V-Jet, Velo Veltia Triblade and Velo Fuga eliminate unhygienic paper towel mess, they eliminate vandalism from clogged toilets, they reduce costs in paper towel supplies, and they reduce bacteria or germs by drying hands completely in 6-15 seconds. 

The Velo Fuga is one of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world, using on 800 watts of power. It has a modern European design and extremely competitively priced. It's ideal for high traffic areas including hels, airports, clubs, universities, sports stadiums, shopping malls, offices and cinemas.

Velo Veltia Tri Blade Hand Dryer With Ionshield Technology

Velo Veltia’s new hand dryer with inbuilt ion technology is one of the most revolutionary dryers on the market. 
It offers unmatched comfort, hygiene and environmental benefits compared with other dryers. 
Pollution which is generated from things like dust, pollen and smoke is charged with positive ions that can cause health problems such as asthma, allergies, fatigue and headaches. 
The inbuilt Ion air and environmental purifier in the Velo Veltia emits negative ions that combat the harmful positive ions in the environment.

Velo Veltia Triblade Vs The World

See how the Velo Veltia Triblade compares with other competitors like Dyson, Jet Dryer, Mitsubishi and Davidson Washroom hand dryers. The infograph highlights the following advantages over other brands of hand dryers:

* Faster
* More energy efficient per use (watts per use)
* More features
* More competitively priced
* Better design

The Strange History of Hand Dryers

Although technology is changing everywhere, there have been some significant advancements in a place that you are least likely to look, the toilets. After decades of keeping the hand dryer mostly the same, there have been some companies that are currently battling to completely revamp this technology.

For almost 100 years, companies have been working on the electric hand dryer technology to eliminate paper towels. Here is the strange history of the electric hand dryer.

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Dyson Airbladev Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer - In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer stacks up against the Dyson Airblade hand dryer not only just on features but you will also see how the Dyson Airblade price exceeds that of the Velo Tri-Blade.

dyson airblade


Watch The Velo Bigflow Hand Dryer In Action

Velo Bigflow Hand Dryer 

The competitively priced Velo Bigflow hand dryer combines low noise and class with one of the best warranty's in its class. It's sleek European design makes it suitable for a wide variety of low - medium traffic situations like cafes, doctors rooms, small offices, restaurants and theatres.