What Is Greenfleet?

Greenfleet is one of Australia’s most recognised biodiverse carbon offset schemes. As a non-profit organisation, Greenfleet is dedicated to connecting people with real climate action. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 8.7 million native trees across 425 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to offset carbon emissions.

Native forests take carbon from the atmosphere to restore and protect our climate, but they also do much more. Greenfleet plants a variety of native trees in permanent forests that restore natural ecosystems, provide essential habitat for native wildlife, conserve biodiversity, help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, and provide much needed resilience in our precious landscape.

Velo Hand Dryers & Greenfleet Partnership

At Velo, we are passionate about minimising our impact on the environment.

We are proud to call ourselves a partner with a leading non-profit organisation such as Greenfleet which fights climate change and targets deforestation.

Whenever a customer places an order with us, we plant one tree via the Greenfleet program which helps to restore native forests in Australia. We welcome you to join the VELO commitment and donate a very small $4.05 on each order which is less than a cup of coffee, so we can contribute to Greenfleets reforestation program.

This action, as well as offsetting greenhouse gas, improves water quality, reduces soil degradation and provides essential habitat for native Australian wildlife.

​​Find out how your company can also be a part of climate action by visiting