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Velo Thin Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel - 5 Year Warranty

Medium traffic hand dryers 100-300 uses per day Operation: Electronic automatic infra-red senso...

Velo Thin Hand Dryer - White Steel - 5 Year Warranty

Medium traffic hand dryers 100-300 uses per day Operation: Electronic automatic infra-red senso...

High Performance, Reliable Hand Dryer at a Medium Price Bracket

VELO thin hand dryer is a true workhorse and delivers five star energy efficiency. It’s easily mounted to the wall and requires minimum maintenance, making it ideal for low to medium foot traffic areas which have between 100 and 300 uses per day such as:-

  • Small to medium offices
  • Industrial premises
  • Doctor surgeries
  • Dental practices
  • Beauty salons and hairdressers
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores/small shopping centres
  • Bars
  • Libraries and small government offices

Stylish Thin Hand Dryers New Zealand

Velo thin hand dryers are designed to take up minimal space, which makes it ideal for small or single bathrooms. They offer customers and patrons an efficient and hygienic washroom experience with an automatic infra-red sensor, avoiding the need to touch buttons to activate usage. The sleek European satin steel finish of the Velo thin hand dryer adds a touch of class to your washroom rather than the old style, cumbersome, loud white wall mounted hand dryer keeping the aesthetic of your office building or store.

Along with outstanding space saving design, the VELO thin hand dryer is also designed with anti-vandalism in mind and comes with a three year labour warranty and a five year parts warranty so you can relax, knowing the maintenance of your bathroom hand dryers are handled for years to come.

The VELO brand strives for the highest standards of quality across all of it’s hand dryer models and has ISO-9001:2000 certification. This means that the design, commercialisation and high end manufacturing of all our products are guaranteed.  It’s our proof of consistent quality and engineering design.

Where to Buy Thin Hand Dryer Online

Contact our friendly and professional VELO team today who can advise on installation and placement height. We are experienced in installing hand dryers at the right height for adult, child and ambulant bathrooms as well as advising you of the best wall to mount your hand dryer on.

Take a look at our range of thin hand dryers and purchase directly online for fast delivery across New Zealand!