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Auto-Cut Towel Paper Towel Dispenser

Manufactured in black and transparent ABS Polyamide lock Dimensions: height 405 x width 320 x...

Electronic Towel Paper Dispenser Black Series

Manufactured in black and transparent ABS Dimensions: height 405 x width 320 x depth 224 (mm) ...

Polish finished STAINLESS STEEL toilet paper dispenser

Made in Stainless Steel AISI 304. Dimensions: 160 mm high x 160 mm wide x 95 mm deep. Toilet ...

Satin finished STAINLESS STEEL bulkpack toilet paper dispenser

Made of stainless steel. Dimensions: 260 high x 123 wide x 107 deep mm. Consumable: standard ...

Satin finished STAINLESS STEEL center-pull towel paper roll dispenser

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, (0,8 mm thickness). Consumable: paper towel roll NOFER 06004....

Satin finished STAINLESS STEEL extra-large industrial toilet paper roll dispenser

Made of stainless steel. Plate thickness: 0,8 mm. Axle diameter: 40 mm. Dimensions: 295 high ...

Towel Dispenser Black Series | Velo Hand Dryer

Manufactured in black and transparent ABS Dimensions: height 300 x width 290 x depth 105 (mm) ...

White ABS Center-Pull Towel Paper Roll Dispenser Classic Series

Made in white ABS and transparent SAN content viewer Consumable: NOFER 06004 and 06004.E Capa...

White ABS CLASSIC series bulkpack toilet paper dispenser

Made in white ABS and transparent SAN. Consumable: 06008. Capacity: 400 sheets Dimensions: ...

White ABS CLASSIC series extra-large toilet paper dispenser

Made in white ABS and transparent SAN content viewer. Consumable: 06001 y 06001.E . Capacity:...

White ABS Towel Paper Dispenser Classic Series

With content viewer and pin tumbler lock Material: ABS White Dimensions: 370 height x 275 wid...

Why VELO is your New Zealand's first choice for Paper Towel Dispensers

Our range of lockable, vandal-resistant towel and paper towel dispensers ensure that waste is reduced and that paper towels avoid being strewn across a wet bathroom floor. The high-quality European manufacture also means that every use is of the same high standard and each unit comes with long warranties offering reliability and cost-effectiveness for all facilities, cleaning and building managers.

Main features and benefits of our VELO range of paper towel dispensers:-

  • Designed to dispatch just one paper towel, or a specific measurement of the towel, each time reducing wastage and reducing the amount of time you need to re-order stock
  • Wall-mounted and designed so patrons only touch the towel, not the unit, minimising the spread of germs and bacteria. Perfect for offices where sick days can affect business productivity and your bottom line.
  • Paper towels are convenient and are a more hygienic choice than pull down linen towel machines which remain damp and harbour germs and bacteria. Single use per patron so germs, dirty water and bacteria end up straight in the bin after every use.
  • A choice of model, colour and finishes to suit any bathroom and add a contemporary, modern look to your commercial bathroom.
  • Matching finishes for wall mounted toilet paper dispenser and paper towel dispensers

VELO can offer single use paper towel dispensers or paper towel rolls for low and high foot traffic areas.  We can also advise on the best location and height for install of your units taking into account the pathway from sink to dryer to reduce the risk of water drips which cause slips, trips and dirty washrooms.


Our range of paper towel dispensers includes different styles, colours, and designs by the use of high technology including; stainless steel dispensers, the black series consisting of black mounted paper towel holders, satin stainless steel dispensers for high industries use,and different white series ABS dispensers furthermore we also have an electronic black towel paper dispenser also. We provide the best quality paper towel holder in Auckland, visitors who are coming to different bars, clubs, and other high public-oriented areas will use our dispensers with comfort.

We have commercial paper towel units to suit a range of bathrooms; economical rolls or single use for convenience, colours such as black or stainless steel and slimline for small, individual bathrooms.

Take a look at our VELO range today and check out our bulk and wholesale online discounts on commercial paper towel dispensers which can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand.