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Barcelona Series Polish Finished AISI 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Made of Stainless steel AISI 304. Dimensions: 310 height x 158 width x 121 depth mm. Equipped...

Classic Series Polish Finished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Made of polish finished stainless steel. Dimensions: 265 high (with handle 377) x 100 wide x 1...

Classic Series Satin Finished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Made of satin finished stainless steel.  Dimensions: 265 high (with handle 377) x 100 wide...

Classic Series White ABS Toilet Brush

Made of thermoplastic materials, white color. Dimensions: Ø 127 mm, 360 mm high. Toilet brus...

Hotel Series Toilet Brush With Polish Finished Zamac Support And Ceramics Container

Support made of Zamac. Removable container in white ceramic. Dimensions: 425 high x 110 wid...

Line Series Polish Finished Zamac Toilet Brush

Toilet brush Material del support: Zamac  Finish: Polish Dimensions: 365 height x 155 ...

Niza Polish Series Polish Finished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Wall support made of polish finished AISI 304 stainless steel. Container made of frosted glass....

Niza Satin Series Satin Finished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish, shelf of ground glass. Dimensions: 310 high x 1...

Roma Series Satin Finished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

Made in AISI 304 stainless steel. Satin finished. Dimensions: 310 mm high x 154 mm width x 13...

Self Standing Toilet Brush Black Series

Chormed container self-standing toilet brush Material: ABS Black with chromed support Dimensi...

Siena Series Satin Finished Chromed Brass Toilet Brush

Made in chrome plated brass. Dimensions: Ø 90 mm x 410 mm high. Wall support (20 x 70 mm flan...

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Black Series

A wall mounted toilet brush is a great idea for high foot traffic public bathrooms where space is ti...

Velo Toilet Brushes Can Increase Your Commercial Bathroom Hygiene

Toilet brushes may be an afterthought in some commercial bathrooms, but they can help immensely when it comes to regular bathroom maintenance.  Individuals can use them after each use which in turn helps your cleaners. You can also install a professional looking toilet brush that is in keeping with your bathroom design, rather than cheap plastic ones which may be easily damaged, vandalised, or even stolen.

At VELO, we offer both self standing and wall mounted toilet brushes in both black and classic chrome finishes to deliver high-end design to all kinds of bathrooms such as:-

  • Offices and co-working spaces
  • Start-ups and warehouses
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Public toilets
  • Changing rooms at gyms and fitness centres
  • Doctors, dentists, beauty salons and laser clinics
  • Universities, bed and breakfasts and boarding houses with shared bathrooms
  • AirBnB residencies
  • Shared shower and toilet blocks in campsites, concert venues and pop up mobile toilet units

Toilet brushes are a must when hygiene is of utmost importance. Offices can become a hotbed for germs and most will know that the moment one person is sick with gastro or the flu, it tends to rip through the office. Kitchens and bathrooms in shared spaces often harbour the highest concentration of germs and offering users of these spaces the tools to manage their own cleanliness and hygiene keeps these spaces germ free in between professional cleans.

Choose from our classic white ABS plastic free standing toilet brushes, sturdy and stylish stainless steel toilet brushes with a concealed holder, or our new range of contemporary and modern designed black range of freestanding toilet brushes. VELO also have a unique and innovative range of space-saving and vandal reducing wall mounted toilet brushes in satin steel, ceramic and white finishes to suit all kinds of commercial bathrooms.

Check out our range of VELO toilet brushes today and not only access discounts for bulk online orders, but reduce the spread of germs and unsightly toilet cubicles!