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Do Warm Air Hand Dryers Dry Hands Better?

When considering a hand dryer installation one of the biggest decisions is whether to choose a warm hand dryer vs non-warm hand dryers. The key to making the right decision is to asses your building or facility.

A large facility should go with a heated hand dryer to conserve the energy usage. A warm air hand dryer is better suited to a smaller building. 

Most people do prefer warm air as it’s a more comfortable experience and helps evaporate water giving a faster hand drying time. 

Some of the best hand dryers on the market are hand dryers with a non-heating element. The Velo V-Jet, and Velo Veltia Velo Fuga are some of the greenest hand dryers available today and our range of warm hand dryers dry hands in seconds; Kai, Bigflow, Cyclon, Thin and Windflow