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Everything you need to know about baby changing stations

A baby changing station is a very useful piece of nursery equipment. They provide a much needed helping hand when it comes time for a nappy change. Providing ease and comfort when you need an extra pair of hands and a secure table to change your baby. The Velo baby change table features a smooth, comfortable and secure wall fixture design.  The moulded design keeps your baby safely in place to perform all kinds of tasks with your baby such as nappy and clothing changes. All your nappy changing supplies can be stored at arms reach removing the worry of leaving your baby unattended.

Wall mounted baby changing units can be easily installed to any wall and are designed with safety, hygiene and protection of your baby in mind. Nappy changing time is no longer a stressful task for you or your  baby. The baby change table design also means you can fold the table away neatly when not in use, making it an ideal space saver for small nurseries. 

How to assemble a baby change table with care

Before installing a wall-mounted fold-down baby change table, the following instructions should be followed:

- Before installation, check the entire product and fixtures carefully as the baby change table should be free from any faults, defects or sharp edges. 

- Assess your space for a suitable location. Choose a wall which is strong enough to bear the expected load of the changing station plus the weight of a growing baby.

-Select a suitable location for the changing table where there is enough space in front of it when fully opened to walk past safely and to lie the changing table flat.

- Install the product as per design instructions and test the opening, closing, and weight testing of the baby changing table before use is essential. 

- The baby changing table must be regularly cleaned and sanitized by using disinfectant to keep the unit a safe place to change your baby. 

How to install a baby change unit

First of all, inspect the product. Ensure that all the parts and fixtures are included and make sure you have all the necessary tools to complete the task, such as:-

- Screws

- Flat washers

- Wall studs and hangers

- Wall anchors and toggle bolts

- Drill machine, spirit level, and assorted screwdrivers

There are some simple steps to follow for installing your baby changing table:-

- Get the baby changing unit and wall-mounting bracket out of the box and read the installation instructions carefully.

- Identify and locate a flat smooth surface of the desired wall and mark a suitable height which is comfortable enough to use the baby change table without bending over, reaching too high and damaging your back.

- Drill the holes using the changing station mounting bracket as a template. Use a spirit level to check the mounting is precisely straight.

- Use the fixtures to attach the unit to the wall and tighten them until they are fully secured.

- Clean the table and remove any dirt, dust and debris. Disinfect it with antibacterial wipes to make it ready and safe for use.

- Make sure you test your baby changing station a few times before placing your child on the unit. Ensure there is no movement between the bracket and the wall when you pull down the table and the unit should be able to bear a weight of approximately 32 kg 

Advantages of baby changing tables

- A baby changing table is useful new parent equipment which is designed to make nappy changing much easier.

- Nappy changing is a messy process as some babies pee during nappy change time. Protect your bed, sofa and soft furnishings by providing a hygienic and safe place to change your baby.

- You can also use the unit for drying and dressing your baby after a bath and for massaging.

- You don’t need to damage your back every time you perform a nappy change. By mounting the baby changing table at a comfortable height providing comfort and stability for your back and knees.