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Benefits Of Quicker Dry Times And Heated Hand Drying

Social media can be great for business, but it can also be damaging. Workplaces, restaurants, hotels intact any commercial premises cannot get away with substandard bathroom facilities if they wish to succeed.

Hygiene is a must and high foot traffic areas need constant attention, particularly if you use paper towels which end up mostly on the bathroom floor becoming a slip and hygiene hazard. The ideal situation is for users of your bathrooms to have a comfortable, hygienic and quick visit.

Velo hand dryers tick all of these boxes. Velo Hand Dryers have a range of Ion technology models which bring quick drying with maximum hygiene. Wet hands can transfer up to 1000 times more germs and bacteria than dry hands, so a fast, heated hand dry time is a must. Faster hand dry times also means your bathroom can cope with high foot traffic without issues and queues.