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Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

energy-efficient hand dryers

In a world where we’re constantly being told to conserve energy, it’s no surprise that energy-efficient hand dryers are becoming more popular. Not only do they help save energy and reduce carbon emissions, but they also save you money in the long run. There are many benefits of using energy-efficient hand dryers, and in this blog post we will explore some of them. From reducing your carbon footprint to saving money on your energy bill, there are many reasons to switch to an energy-efficient hand dryer. Read on to learn more about the benefits of these devices!

What Are Energy Efficient Hand Dryers?

Energy-efficient hand dryers use less energy to operate. Various factors make a hand dryer energy efficient, such as its use of powered motors and sensors that automatically turn off the unit when not in use. Energy-efficient hand dryers can save up to 60% on energy costs compared to traditional hand dryers, making them a great option for any business or organization looking to reduce its carbon footprint.

Traditional Hand Dryers Vs. Energy Efficient Hand Dryers: Which Is Better?

When it comes to drying your hands after washing them, there are two main types of hand dryers to choose from – traditional hand dryers and energy-efficient hand dryers. So, which is a smarter choice? Let’s find out!

Traditional hand dryers are generally less expensive to purchase than energy-efficient models. However, they use a lot of energy and can be quite expensive to operate. On the other hand, energy-efficient hand dryers are more environmentally friendly as they use less electricity and produce less emissions than traditional hand dryers. Additionally, many energy-efficient hand dryers now come with features such as built-in HEPA filters that help to remove bacteria from the air, making them even more hygienic.

traditional vs energy efficient hand dryer

So, which is a better pick? Energy-efficient hand dryers are the clear winner when it comes to saving money and being more environmentally friendly. Not only do they save you money and help the environment, but these hand dryers also tend to be more powerful. Many models boast high-speed motors that can quickly dry your hands in 10-15 seconds.

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

Energy-efficient hand dryers are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and public restrooms. Here are the benefits of using energy-efficient hand dryers:

  • Less Operating Costs 

Using energy-efficient hand dryers can result in significant cost savings for businesses. Businesses can save on their overall running costs by reducing the energy required to operate the dryer. Additionally, many energy-efficient hand dryers are automatically operated, further reducing the amount of energy required to operate them.

  • Low Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient hand dryers can also help reduce a business's carbon footprint and emit fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This can be an important consideration for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

  • Reduce Paper Waste

Energy-efficient hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels. This can save businesses money on paper towel costs and reduce the amount of waste produced. Additionally, paper towels often require longer drying times than energy-efficient hand dryers, meaning they can take up more time and space in bathrooms.

  • Fast Drying

Energy-efficient hand dryers generally have shorter drying times than traditional hand dryers. This means that users spend less time waiting for their hands to dry and can get on with their day more quickly.

Go Green with Velo Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

Energy-efficient hand dryers are a great way to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. They use less energy than traditional hand-drying methods and emit far less CO2. Additionally, these eco-friendly hand dryers reduce the use of paper towels, which saves trees and reduces waste.

Velo energy efficient hand dryers

Velo hand dryers are the most energy-efficient hand dryers in New Zealand. They use up to 80% less energy than standard hand dryers and have a low carbon footprint. The infrared sensor helps in saving energy as it automatically turns on only when the hands are placed underneath the dryer. These hand dryers are quick-drying, blowing hot air at high speed, so you won't have to wait long for your hands to dry. You'll be helping the planet and your wallet at the same time with Velo energy-efficient hand dryers.