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What's The Best Choice Of Hand Dryer For Heavy Traffic?

You may pop in a Google search for ‘best hand dryer’ but what does that actually mean?

Usually, if a customer is looking for the ‘best hand dryer’ they are looking for one that is built to last, offers low noise, low energy consumption and fast drying.

That’s quite a lot of criteria to meet! Luckily, Velo hand dryers offer a range that certainly meets ‘best hand dryer’. High traffic and high volume bathrooms need a hand dryer which ticks all of these boxes. You don't have time for constant maintenance and replacement of paper towels, and you also need to offer fast drying to reduce queues and keep your bathroom looking clean and hygienic.

Head to our website and use our hand dryer selector tool to find the perfect hand dryer for your chosen bathroom location which will fit nicely within your budget too.