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Calculating Energy Consumption With Hand Dryers

There are several factors involved when trying to calculate energy consumption for hand dryers. 

The first is to check the wattage and power and check with your hand dryer manufacturer as to what the average usage is per activation. 

Then compare these results against your current electricity contract to gain a dollar figure per day for having the hand dryer installed. 

These are the two main factors when calculating energy consumption for hand dryers, but there are other variable costs to consider which are dependent on usage and type of bathroom. 


  • Cleaning and maintenance. You may even save money by not needing cleaners to mop we floors and pick up paper towels.
  • You won’t need to purchase paper towels any more and this saving can offset against having a hand dryer installed.
  • Fewer plumber callouts will happen because toilets aren’t blocked with thick paper towels.

Chat to the Velo team today and find out just how much you can save by having a hand dryer installed in your commercial bathrooms.