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What To Consider When Installing A Hand Dryer?

There are quite a few considerations to take into account before deciding to place or install your hand dryer. Just picking a spot and fixing it on the wall can be dangerous, spread water borne bacteria, and also be a hindrance to people who come in to use and maintain the facilities.

How To Install A Hand Dryer


So what do you need to consider before installing your hand dryer?


Firstly, you need to ensure that you have enough hand dryers for the size of public bathroom you have. The rule of thumb is to have one dryer for every two sinks that you have, but you also need to consider the foot traffic, particularly around busy times, so more than that may be necessary.

What is the path from sink to the dryer? You need to ensure that there is not a trail of water droplets which can create a dangerous slip hazard, not to mention the breeding of waterborne bacteria which can collect and stagnate in the bathroom. It may sound silly, but doing a walk through from sink to the dryer, will help you see the distance, approximate steps and highlight any potential issues.

Electricity and water are not friends. It’s crucial to check the power supply and that it is safe and protected from water droplets. Unsafe installation can cause fire, power outages, and most alarmingly, electrocution, so check with a qualified electrician that the power supply to the dryer will be protected and safe. You will also need to have your hand dryer tested and tagged before it is installed.

Foot traffic flow is also necessary to ensure the facilities offered are comfortable. You don’t want people side-stepping, or leaning over each other to get to a dryer. In high foot traffic areas this is quite important as you don’t want long queues and angry patrons who are trying to get in and out of the bathroom smoothly.

Space around the dryer is also a factor. You don’t want a dryer close to an inward swinging door for example. Noise from a dryer can also echo and be amplified if installed close to a cabinet or unit, depending on the make or model, so check with the manufacturer for recommendations.

The last step is height. It can be quite difficult to guess the ideal height of the dryer as you need it to be comfortable for everyone to use. The height can vary quite a lot depending on the make and model of the dryer, along with the direction of the airflow. Think of Tri-Blade dryers, your palms are pointed down to dry, while with other models you are holding hands up and under the airflow. The manufacturer will have guidelines for the height of installation.

Taking into account all of these steps will ensure that your hand dryer is placed safely, in the best position for your cleaners, your facilities staff for maintenance and for the people who use your bathrooms! 

I am pretty sure now you have you enough information about how to Install a hand dryer in your bathroom.