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Velo Fuga Automatic Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels Cost Comparison

When it comes to hand drying options, you have two main choices – hand dryers and paper towels. While some people prefer towels, others like hand dryers because they don’t waste paper and thus are eco-friendly. Which one should you use? Let’s compare one of the best hand dryers with paper towels.

Velo Fuga Hand Dryer Vs Paper Towels

What happens when you switch from paper towels to hand dryers? Do the costs increase or decrease? Let’s take one of the leading brands of hand dryers and compare it with using paper towels. We’re going to use Velo Fuga for comparison and see how many dollars and trees you save when you switch to hand dryers instead of paper towels. 

First, we’ll look at the features of the hand dryer we’re discussing. It’s an automatic infra-red sensor with an approximate drying time of 10-12 seconds. Now let’s make the calculations.

Cost comparison
The average cost of a paper towel is 1.25 cents, and a user would use about 3 sheets in one go. This makes it 3.75 cents per use. Now compare it with Velo Fuga. With a power usage of 800 watts and a drying time of 12 seconds, it would result in 300 uses in one hour. The cost of a unit of power is 23 cents/kWh, which means it would consume power worth 0.06 cents with each use. This is a huge cost difference, and the range becomes even steeper when you consider it over one year.

Yearly costs
If there are 1000 uses per day, the number of paper towels consumed in one year would be 1095000. This would bring the cost close to $14,000. Compare this to the cost with Velo Fuga, which is close to $200. That’s a huge difference in costs. Not to mention the number of trees saved by not using paper towels (54 trees in one year).

If you were wondering why the world has suddenly switched to hand dryers from paper towels, well, there’s your reason. Hand dryers such as Velo Fuga can cut your costs dramatically and can amount to huge savings. And they’re eco-friendly too. With a warranty of five years, they are a great bargain and have become the favorite of several restaurant and hotel owners.

velo fuga hand dryer vs paper hand towels cost comparison