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What Are The Best Hand Dryers For School?

Looking for a hander for schools? The Fuga is our most popular hand dryer for schools. It’s efficient and very high speed. Kids are generally in a rush in between classes or if taking a bathroom break they are expected to be back to class quick. Schools need a fast hand dryer that will do the job right and also promote hygiene. With schools, the budget is always an issue and the Fuga hand dryer costs less to run than having paper towels which get strewn over the floor and wasted. 

Noise is also a concern for schools with smaller children. The Velo kai hand dryer only produces 63 decibels and is perfect for young children who may be nervous or frightened of the loud jets which competitor dryers have.

The Velo Cyclon is used mostly in high schools where vandalism is a problem, its specific, moulded design prevents damage and misuse.

You can calculate the cost savings of installing high-speed Velo hand dryers here and decide which hand dryers are best for your school.