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Why Should Restaurants Use Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?

The hand dryer vs paper towel debate has been in discussion with facilities managers and cleaning managers for years. But, with recent innovation in design and technology of hand dryers, it’s clear they now rule the bathroom world when it comes to hygiene and cost efficiency.

Restaurants need to have clean and hygienic bathrooms. It is not a nice experience to use a restaurant bathroom between courses and be confronted with a pile of wet, used paper towels strewn across the floor, or worse still, not being able to find any paper towels at all and having to wipe your wet hands on your clothes.

Velo hand dryers have a range suited perfectly to restaurants. They are low noise so as not to disturb customers and energy efficient so you can save money by not purchasing packets of paper towels that just end up on the floor anyway.

Make the switch to a hygienic and stylish hand dryer for restaurants today and start saving on cleaning supplies as well as offering your customers a hygienic and comfortable experience.