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Is A Hand Dryer With Heat Better?

Drying times for hand dryers are a key factor in bathroom hygiene. After all, it's why they are there! Wet hands mean a spread of germs and an uncomfortable experience for people using them. We’ve all used public restrooms which have poor hand drying systems and no backup paper towels. We’ve done the ‘shake’, or wiped our hands on our clothes as we grab the door and walk out, hoping no-one touches your hands until they are dry again. All these actions spread germs, but does heat in a hand dryer improve the situation and make a positive difference?

Why are heated hand dryers deemed better?

There is a deep-seated, subconscious human comfort in heat. When you want to dry your hair, you rarely have the cold setting on the hair dryer, and washing clothes are thought to be cleaner on a hot wash to get rid of germs. Food is far better when it is hot, rather than lukewarm, and when you come inside, wet from the rain, you want to warm yourself in front of the heater. However, aside from the general feeling of comfort, does heat actually improve the hand drying experience?

Well, it all comes down to the performance of your current hand dryer. Is it working as it should? Are the filters clean? Is the power working correctly? Cold air hand dryers can work perfectly well if they are powerful enough and are maintained correctly without the need for heat.

Heat, however, does speed up the process, but it is also worth looking for newer models on the market which are energy efficient and won’t make your electricity bill suddenly shoot through the roof. Choosing an energy efficient model gives you all the benefits without the extra cost.

What should I consider before buying a heated hand dryer?

There are several considerations to take on board before purchasing a hand dryer with heat. What is the foot traffic of the washroom? Is it high, for example, where you need fast drying to keep the queues moving along? What are the needs of the patrons? What is the bathroom foot traffic path? Is there a danger of water dripping on the floor causing bacterial spread or a slip hazard with your current hand dryer?

It`s worth talking to your local hand dryer wholesaler who can walk you through the latest energy efficient hand dryers on the market both with and without heat so that you can make an informed decision and get the best hand dryer for your particular washroom.

In summary, heat will always be an effective way to dry hands, but it is worth comparing cost, the power of the hand dryer and the energy consumption first.