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Hand Dryers Buyers Guide

Outfitting commercial bathrooms can be tricky. Considerations include the design and layout of your facilities, how the bathrooms will be used, as well as the ancillary equipment the bathrooms need. Although those may not seem like big decisions, they can have a significant impact on the user experience of the room. 

One of the most important accessories to choose between are bathroom hand dryer. Selecting the best hand dryer for you requires considering your bathroom capacity, bathroom usage, cleaning requirements, and the people who need to use it. Here is a quick hand dryer guide. 

Types of Hand Dryers

Bathroom hand dryers can be divided into different categories:

  • Low Cost Hand Dryers
    Low cost hand dryers are a great option for small bathrooms that are not heavily used. They are well-suited to small offices or other commercial premises of limited size. This type of hand dryer is often made from stainless steel or plastic casing to protect its interior from careless users. Many are also equipped with automated power cut-offs, saving electricity. When hand dryer cost is important, this range offers a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to upgrade their bathrooms on a limited budget.


  • Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers
    Energy efficient hand dryers are quickly becoming a favourite with Australian businesses looking to reduce their energy usage. When it comes to selecting an automatic hand dryer, choosing a greener alternative is not only good for the planet. Your choice can also help reduce your company’s regular overhead costs.


  • Quiet Hand Dryers
    Quiet hand dryers are an excellent choice in small commercial spaces where the sound of a high-capacity hand dryer may disturb tenants. If your bathroom opens directly into an office or other public space the noise of a hand dryer needs to be a consideration. Low-noise hand dryers are especially useful in places where silence is needed. Choosing quiet hand dryer technology does not mean compromising drying speed or strength. Depending on the type of quiet dryer you select, your new equipment may be drying up to 300 pairs of hands a day.


  • Hygienic Hand Dryers
    Hygienic hand dryers have become one of the most popular choices for commercial hand-drying equipment. Equipped with HEPA filters and ion technology to minimize the spread of infection, these super-fast hand dryers have antimicrobial properties. They also feature Zero smell technology to reduce bathroom odours. Hygienic hand dryers work well in low and high-traffic areas. They are ideal for premises like doctor’s surgeries, daycare facilities, and clinics.


  • High Speed Hand Dryers
    High speed hand dryers can cut the cost of standard paper towels by up to 98%. They offer an efficient, environmentally-friendly option for high-traffic areas where hundreds of people need to be accommodated every day. Choosing a Velo hand dryer means opting for proven European design and manufacturing that will stand the test of time.

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice rarely comes down to only one criterion. In addition, many commercial hand dryers deliver several features in one product.


Commercial bathrooms can vary greatly in size. Choosing a small, low-budget hand dryer may work well for small businesses, but overuse in a large bathroom could shorten the dryer’s lifespan. For best results, it is important to match the dryer capacity to the usage.

Speed and sound also need to be taken into account when selecting the right dryer. Smaller spaces are better suited to quiet hand dryers, whereas larger bathrooms work well with high-speed models.


How many people will use your bathroom daily? Bathrooms in high-traffic places like airports or schools need to accommodate hundreds, if not thousands of users every day. On the other hand, small office bathrooms may only need to cater to a handful of users.

In busy places, hand dryers need to work fast and dry at a high speed to avoid delays. As the volume of bathroom usage grows, there is also an increased need for hygiene. Choosing a hand dryer fitted with a HEPA filter and ion technology is often the best option in those circumstances.


Keeping bathroom facilities clean can be time-consuming and expensive. Commercial hand dryers not only save on the cost of paper towels. They also reduce the amount of waste that needs to be removed from the bathroom. Choosing energy-efficient, hygienic hand dryers can minimize the amount of cleaning required as well as the costs associated with that.

Why Choose Velo Hand Dryers?

Velo hand dryers combine industry-leading features with outstanding design and European-quality manufacturing.

They are energy-efficient and hygienic. Plus, Velo offers a large selection of quiet and budget-friendly hand dryers that will suit any size of commercial premises.