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How Much Do Dyson Hand Dryers Cost?

Dyson hand dryers offer significant cost savings for businesses when compared to paper towel use in bathrooms that are frequently used. The cost savings also comes in the form of electricity savings when compared with other brands of electric hand dryers, which can be slow and require more electricity to run. Here is what you can expect in terms of the cost when you install Dyson hand dryers for your business.

dyson hand dryer cost

Electricity Use

According to research performed by Dyson, the annual running costs of a Dyson hand dryer are up to 69% less than other hand dryers. Dyson estimates that other hand dryers cost an average of $157 in annual running costs. With Dyson hand dryers, hands are dried in just 10-12 seconds and the hand dryers are effective in their operation. 

In contrast, many other hand dryers take longer to dry hands and are often not as efficient in getting the hands completely dry, which means that toilet patrons often opt to finish off the job with paper towels. This inefficiency means higher costs for your business and significantly reduces the benefits of investing in electric hand dryers for your toilets in the first place.

Environment Impact

The cost of electric hand dryers doesn’t only add up in terms of dollars spent, the cost to the environment matters, as well. Other hand drying methods have an even higher cost to the environment because paper towels typically can`t be recycled. They are disposed of by incineration or they end up in landfills. On average, paper towels produce 13.9 grams of CO₂ per dry. In contrast, all Dyson hand dryers produce 4.0 grams of CO₂ per dry or less.

Paper Towels Cost Even More

If you opt to use paper towels instead of a hand dryer, you`ll find that the annual running cost is roughly $1,460, according to Dyson. No only to paper towels need to be constantly restocked, you may also have to include the shipping costs, taxes and any other fees that come along with each purchase of a shipment of paper towels. 

In addition, the paper towel usage will also depend on how frequently the paper towels are used and the quality of the paper towels. If you invest in higher quality towels, it may cost more for your business while not necessarily reducing overall consumption. The cost of paper towels also doesn`t include the cost of maintenance for retrieving the ones that don`t make it into the rubbish bins or somehow end up in the toilet.

Ongoing Operating Costs

When compared to paper towels the ongoing costs of Dyson hand dryers are up to 97% less than paper towels. This estimate is determined by calculating the average number of paper towels that are used to dry hands, the average cost of the paper towels times, the average number of uses per day and the number of days per year that the bathroom is in use.

As far as the maintenance, hand dryers can be kept at optimum performance levels if they are cleaned daily. This involves wiping down all of the surfaces of the dryer and cleaning the floor underneath and around the hand dryer. The Dyson hand dryer does not require any special chemicals for cleaning, which means that the costs of maintaining a Dyson hand dryer shouldn’t be more than you spend on regular maintenance services for your toilets. As a result, the Dyson hand dryer offers an alternative to more expensive paper towels and some hand dryers as a cost-efficient solution for businesses.