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How To Choose A Hand Dryer

With so many options available today on the market for hand dryers it can be difficult to determine which models are the best options for your needs. A quality hand dryer should be energy efficient and should dry hands quickly. However, beyond those basic features do you know what exactly you should shop for? Here are some tips to help you choose the right hand dryer 

Choose a High Speed Hand Dryer

Since the drying time determines whether or not the hand dryer will be used, you should make sure to choose one that can dry hands quickly. While high speed hand dryers tend to be noisier than slow speed dryers, performance should be your main priority. A hand dryer that can dry hands in under 10 seconds is ideal.

Choose An Automatic Hand Dryer

An automatic hand dryer that features sensor activation and shut off is the best option because it is more hygienic since the user never has to touch the dryer. In addition, this type of hand dryer saves energy because it is designed to run only while hands are in or underneath the dryer. In addition, today's automatic hand dryers are more intelligent so you will never have to worry about the dryer being activated due to something other than hands.

Here are some excellent options that are available from Velo:

Velo Veltia

Weighing just 9.55 kg, the Velo Veltia is a lightweight hand dryer that can dry hands in just 6-8 seconds. This hand dryer also features an exclusive Odour Neutraliser System. The Velo Veltia also uses just 3.9 watts of electricity per dry, making it highly energy efficient. The Velo Veltia has a noise level of 74 dB.

Velo Fuga

The Velo Fuga hand dryer is an excellent option if you need a vandal proof hand dryer. As one of the fastest hand dryers in the world, it dries hands in 10-12 seconds. Featuring an electronic automatic infrared sensor, the Fuga offers automatic operation and is an ideal hand dryer for high traffic areas.

Velo V-Jet Tri Blade Hand Dryer

The Velo V-Jet Tri Blade Hand Dryer is the next generation to the Veltia and is a super-fast, hygienic hand dryer that offers low energy consumption. The V-Jet can dry hands in just 6-8 sections and also features infused Microban® antimicrobial technology to help prevent the growth of bacteria. For high traffic areas, the V-Jet features a Vandal Resistant ABS cover.

All of these models come with Velo’s 5 year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction with our products. You can review all of our high speed dryer options in our informative video that review the latest hand dryer models available from Velo.

If you are looking for state-of-the-art European engineered and manufactured hand dryers for your business, Velo offers a full range of energy efficient hand dryers. We provide the best hand dryers to a wide range of businesses, including distributors, contractors, architects and end users. For more information please give us a call today on 099307668 or email us  [email protected].