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How Veltia Solved The Water Drainage Issue

Hand dryers stayed the same for many, many years until the innovation and design of the tri-blade and air blade models came along and shook up the industry.

This new wave of hand dryer models have a unique design which makes them far more efficient and offers much faster drying than ever before. The drying technology enables hands to be dry in a matter of seconds, by inserting hands in a downward position into the model, rather than holding hands underneath the airflow. The tri-blade models are becoming more and more popular, replacing the age-old wall dryer and are popping up in commercial washrooms all over Australia.

Why are Veltia hand dryers different?

Veltia hand dryers are different because they offer benefits which other ‘run of the mill’ dryers do not, such as:-

• Ion technology to reduce dust, pollen and smoke
• Purifying the surrounding air
• Cleaning the air of bacteria, mites and odours
• Being the most hygienic hand dryer on the market

Not only do Veltia tri-blade hand dryers offer excellent drying times, but they provide a solution to the problem of drainage and water collection. Water collecting at the bottom of a hand dryer creates a stagnant pool which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, not to mention a dirty looking bathroom for patrons.

The Dyson Air-Blade model is made up of two parts, which means there are grooves around the mould where water can collect. Cleaners and facilities staff need to check these hand dryers regularly to keep them dry and clean. Veltia has improved the system by offering water drainage and innovative design.

How has Veltia solved the drainage problem?

The Veltia tri-blade models of hand dryers are made with one moulded unit, which means there are no gaps or grooves to collect water. There is also a water drainage reservoir built in to drain away excess water. The water tank still needs to be emptied daily, however, the water is hygienically stored in a water tank and not exposed in the bathroom.

Who should choose Veltia Tri-Blade hand dryers?

Any bathroom with high foot traffic would benefit from the Veltia model due to its fast drying times and hygiene benefits. Schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities, GP surgeries, beauty spas and dentist surgeries would also benefit from the extra protection and ion technology.

Hand dryer technology has improved significantly over the past years and manufacturers are always looking to make a great innovation even better. Take some time to check out the Veltia range of dryers and bring your commercial bathroom up to date with superior hygiene; super fast hand drying times, low energy consumption and simple maintenance for your cleaning staff.