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What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Hotels?

Looking for a hand dryer for hotels can be a challenging task. You need a dryer which is stylish, in keeping with the hotel decor, quiet, hygienic and durable to take on high traffic and hundreds of uses a day. You also run a business and need to ensure that your electricity bills don't jump through the roof! All VELO hand dryers are low energy consumption.

For hotels with casinos and 5-star hotels with high foot traffic, we highly recommend the Velo Veltia V-Jet or Velo Veltia Tri-Blade models. These hand dryers look fantastic and have a  superfast hand drying time of between 6-15 seconds!

Smaller and budget hotels tend to choose the Velo Fuga hand dryer. It looks great, fits in most bathrooms and requires minimal maintenance and if you're looking for a hand dryer for hotels which is low noise and quiet try the Velo Bigflow