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Things Every Commercial Bathroom Needs

If you’re a business, facilitating clients, customers and visitors is your first priority. Your place of business should be clean, well fitted out and hygienic places to be in. There are some key bathroom accessories that make up a complete washroom facility but can be ignored or forgotten in some commercial washrooms.

Soap Dish Or Soap Dispenser

First of all, we have a choice between soap dispenser or soap dishes. Not all people rely on paper towels after using the washroom and prefer to wash and clean their hands with soap for hygiene purposes. Long gone are the days when we would all use the same bar of soap. To maintain a hygienic bathroom in high traffic commercial places hand soap dispensers are a must-have accessory. There are many soap dispensers available on the market that not only provides hygiene and convenience but also a stylish look to your bathroom.

Paper Towel Dispenser

If you’re managing high traffic commercial bathroom facilities then keeping on top of cleaning and replenishing bathroom supplies can be challenging at times. Regular stocking of consumables such as toilet paper and paper towels means more cost to your business. Paper towel dispenser or toilet paper dispensers are a great way to reduce wastage of freely available paper towel pieces and would cause you to replenish them less frequently saving you on cost. You can also think about replacing them with jumbo toilet paper roll dispensers to cut even more on costs.

High Speed Hand Dryer

Installing a high-speed hand dryer in your washroom can cut your bills and increase the level of hygiene in commercial bathrooms. This not only keeps your washroom clutter-free but also offers consistent and reliable hand hygiene. It may seem an unnecessary investment to many businesses but having them in commercial places such as hospitals and restaurants can help to manage high traffic areas whilst maintaining practising health and hygiene standards.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Hand sanitiser dispenser is becoming one of the most demanded bathroom accessories Australia wide as we all focus on germs, cross-contamination and being COVID-Safe. They allow an additional invaluable line of defence against healthcare associated infections. Since it’s unrealistic to believe that every user knows and follows all hygiene rules on every single bathroom visit, hand sanitisers provide a quick and easy additional step that may quickly kill germs leading to the wellbeing of everyone.