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Who Should Install The Hand Dryer?


The installation process needs an electrician to wire your hand dryers correctly and also test and tag the machine. This way they can safely identify upfront if there are any faults with the machine before operation. All models have spec sheets for the installation process to show exactly what needs to be done. Any electrician can modify any hand dryer to plug into your wall if it makes it easier, however, it will also void the manufacturer’s warranty so we do not recommend it. In regards to the height a hand dryer is required to be installed this differs depending on the model. For the Velo V-Jet and Veltia models it is recommended that unit be installed at a height of 92cm for men and 88cm for women (refer to images below. For other models like the Velo Kai, Bigflow, Thin, Fuga, Cyclon and Windflow it is recommended that the unit has 1.2m clearance from the base to the ground (refer to the image below).


velo hand dryer installation                  velo hand dryer height installation               

velo hand dryer installation