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What Are Major Benefits Of Warm-Air Hand Dryers?

Warm air hand dryers - incredibly innovative equipments

Hand wash is indeed the most evident form of germs remover, for it is highly effective in digging through the skin to remove microbes from the depth. The hand wash process can only complete with an efficient drying system, for wet hands tend to attract more germs spreading illness. To help individuals find the right source of hand drying, warm air dryers were then invented.

Being invented in 1948, the electric hand dryers have been immensely developed over time, with features of increased efficiency and reduced noise. With advanced features and incredible make, hand dryers have been ruling the world with their high performance. Promoting the hygiene factor, these warm air dryers are highly reliable when it comes to providing hygiene. Their automated functioning enables you to carry out its operations independently and also promote a healthier tomorrow.

How warm air hand dryers have revolutionized the world

Post the invention and vigorous developments of warm air dryers, a number of advantages were listed, that contributed widely to the health benefits and hygiene superiority of an individual. They have been known to be more sanitary then other drying techniques, which is why they have also been embraced vastly even in the most hygiene environments of clinical areas. Certain doctors have proposed that the warm air of the hand dryers, cause dehydration on the skin surface there by affects the viability of the microorganisms. 

There have been immense benefits of adapting to warm air dryers in the hand wash routines, for they come with the below advantages:

  • Foremost benefit of warm air hand dryers have been the fact that they have highly succeeded in saving the environment by eliminating the usage of paper towels. As most of the paper towels cannot be recycled and hence hinder the eco-friendly world.

  • Using warm air dryers will reduce costs to a greater extent, for they do not demand for maintenance and can function independently. As such you will not need manpower to carry out the maintenance task. You will also have not have to spend immensely on buying tissues regularly, for these dryers are a one-time investment.

  • There have been studies that prove that usage of warm air hand dryers are far more effective with no negativities, compared to those of towel-drying techniques.

  • The warm hand dryers possess great potential of maintaining hygiene, as such they appear to be safer from a bacteriological standpoint.

  • The dryer process of washed finger pads gave results of reducing viruses and bacteria to a larger extent, even without the use of detergents.

  • Studies in Singapore show that warm air hand dryers produced very less or no aerosoled bacteria when compared to those of paper towels.

  • The warm air hand dryers are known to partially kill microbes in the air, for the level of air exiting the dryer nozzle is lesser than the air entering it.

  • Usage of hand dryers enable you to keep your washrooms clean, without littering paper towels that have been used. The used paper towels may also lead to further infections in creating an unhygienic atmosphere.

  • The warm air hand dryers come with benefits of continued usage, unlike paper towels that demand for frequent refills. You will always have to ensure you have dedicated personnel to refill the paper towels box, for absence of it will lead to wet hands of many, leading to spreading of germs.

  • Warm air hand dryers have also contributed to lesser vandalism. For paper towels and dispensers have always been subject to theft or breakage in different areas.

Save the environment with high speed warm air hand dryers

The replacement of paper towels with warm air hand dryers is the most evident transformation that has been witnessed off late. With these many benefits, the hand dryers are undoubtedly the most sensible options of hand drying. May it be a corporate sector, schools, commercial outlets, retail sectors, food chain business, irrespective of the place you wish to instill the hand dryers in, once you have installed them, you could be proud of the fact that you are contributing largely to the environmental needs of the society.