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How To Plan My Bathroom Remodeling Project?

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, however it is the most used! Therefore it pays to invest a little more in your bathroom and remodel it to benefit you and bring you comfort and peace whether you are taking a refreshing shower, or a long hot spa bath.  

Remodeling and changing just a few key features can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom without blowing a large renovation budget. Below are our tips to a successful bathroom remodel.

What Percentage Of Remodeling Is Required?

  • - Only remodel or change items that need it. I.e. cracked tiles, mouldy grout, broken toilet seats
  • - Installing new plumbing fixtures, flooring, and lighting and vanity in the bathrooms are major, yet effective changes
  • - If you want to completely remodel, you may want to consider a complete layout change.
  • - The goal is to change a simple bathroom into a master bathroom by removing the walls of the bathrooms and by changing - the ceiling or roof of it.

What Is The Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling a bathroom may seem easy, however it can be a costly mistake if you start to change or replace key items such as plumbing and bathtubs

By thinking smart and planning exactly what does or does not need replacing, you can not only save handsomely on the budget, but you won’t compromise on design either.

How To Start A Bathroom Remodel

Firstly, assess what work needs to be done. Can you do this work comfortably and safely yourself? Then some DIY can save you money. However, if you don’t understand plumbing or electricity, leave that to experts who can deliver a safe professional job for you.

Some Considerations For The Remodeling:

  • - Check the flooring surface; is it good to go with it or is it slippery and dangerous or the tiles and flooring color is fading and needs to be changed.
  • - See the sufficient light in the bathroom. If the natural light is less you need to install good electrical fixtures.
  • - Check the faucet and the sink position, somehow if the positions are not optimal they need to be adjusted or installed new ones which go well with your bathroom space.
  • - A Proper ventilation system is required, if found absent; an extractor  fan may be required.
  • - The sink height needs to be properly measured,  as well as the distance between the sink and the toilet
  • - Check the shower area. Do you need a new screen? Is the area too big, too small? 

What Fixtures Are Mostly Changed In The Bathroom?

Decision Making Time:

There are many bathroom fixtures to browse online. From classic styles to contemporary and innovative bathroom fixtures and fittings. Take your time to select the right design and features for your home.

How To Get The Best Out Of Remodeling:

You can see different options to get stylish and the most comfortable inspirations by visiting showrooms and searching magazines. You can even ask your friends and family circle about how to plan bathroom remodel and they will give more interesting options. However, you can go with your own requirements and needs in the bathroom.

If this stage is with your contractor still you need to have a clear picture and a fixed brief of your requirements so that the work is done by the contractor easily.

Bathroom Modeling Strategies:

There are many bathroom fixtures to browse online. From classic styles to contemporary and innovative bathroom fixtures and fittings. Tak your time to select the right design and features for your home.

Check the scope: Do you need to do major changes within the bathroom or are only slight changes required. This in particular will help in setting your budget goals for the new setup.

Quality fixtures: In general, if the scope of the renovation is higher and demand for the fixtures and lighting is higher people go with normal quality with lower prices but you need not to compromise on the quality of the materials to be equipped in your bathroom.

Colors choice: The colors of the fixtures must match your bathroom walls and flooring in a good-looking way. A good tip is to stay with colours that reflect nature and soft accent colours. This will prevent your bathroom looking dated and also create a calm and relaxing environment. 

Keep an eye on the latest trends: An excellent way to keep your bathroom looking contemporary is to add just one or two modern features. This will bring your bathroom up to a modern design standard, however, when the trends fade, you will only need to upgrade those features.

Some Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes:

  • - Bathrooms are small. Avoid too many ornaments and clutter.
  • - Keep a track of your budget and pre-plan and cost out the remodel before you start
  • - Spend your budget on quality fixtures and fittings that will last for years
  • - Plan carefully where plug points and water mix
  • - If the scope of work is out of your skill-set, use a contractor
  • - Think about the lighting and choose softer lightbulbs to detract from a harsh bright light.

Now you have the requirements, the planning stages, the designing steps and the budget controlling tips to  fully understood what’s involved in a bathroom remodel. Check out some of our high quality bathroom fixtures which are both classic and contemporary, including the bathroom grab rails, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and many bathroom fittings that will give your bathroom a stylish look.