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How Do Identify Proper Placement Of Hand Dryers

It can be difficult to know the proper placement of hand dryers, but we have some top tips to help you!

It is recommended to have one hand dryer for every two sinks, but this can be dependent on foot traffic and space as often bathroom spaces are small.  Once you have chosen your hand dryer, take the time to read the below before installation:-

Safety should always be your first priority. All Velo hand dryers meet the Australian standards for safety and building regulations, which is a must considering the use of electricity near water. Because of this, we also recommend that you use a qualified electrician for the install.

Take a good look at the bathroom and actually walk it as if you are someone using the toilet. How do you travel from cubicle to sink and where should the hand dryer go to ensure that the foot traffic keeps moving smoothly.

Where possible choose a location for your hand dryer which is as close to the sinks as possible to avoid spillage and drips which can cause nasty slips hazards and dirty bathroom floors.

Are there any barriers on the way to the hand dryer? Do people need to navigate columns, mirrors, chairs or other items? Make sure the pathway to the hand dryer is a quick and easy one. 

If you require multiple units, ask for advice from our Velo team who are experts at hand dryer installation. They can help with you with suggested locations and regulations and spacing for ambulant bathrooms too.