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How Does The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Compare With Competitors?


We get this question asked quite frequently which is why we have created several blog posts and videos that compare the features of the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade with some of other leading brands on the market. We strongly believe our hand dryer is superior and the following articles will highlight this. The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade is not only faster than other competitors but uses less energy per use. It's lighter, is available in a variety of colours, offers more features, engineered and manufactured in Europe and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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What Is The Warranty For A Velo Hand Dryer?

All Velo hand dryers come with a 5 year warranty. It is guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of 5 years and its warrant includes factory performed labour as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts.

Who Should Install The Hand Dryer?

The installation process needs an electrician to wire your hand dryers correctly and also test and tag the machine. This way they can safely identify upfront if there are any faults with the machine before operation. All models have spec sheets for the installation process to show exactly what needs to be done. Any electrician can modify any hand dryer to plug into your wall if it makes it easier, however, it will also void the manufacturer’s warranty so we do not recommend it. In regards to the height a hand dryer is required to be installed this differs depending on the model. For the Velo V-Jet and Veltia models it is recommended that unit be installed at a height of 92cm for men and 88cm for women (refer to images below. For other models like the Velo Kai, Bigflow, Thin, Fuga, Cyclon and Windflow it is recommended that the unit has 1.2m clearance from the base to the ground (refer to the image below).

velo hand dryer installation                  velo hand dryer height installation                      velo hand dryer installation

What Is The Best Velo Hand Dryer?


The top of the range most exclusive hand dryer we offer is the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade. It dries hand in 6-8 seconds which is one of the fastest hand drying speeds in the world. It is also extremely energy efficient and comes with HEPA filter, odour neutraliser (zero smell) system, water drainage system and a generous 5 year warranty. You can also choose from variety of colours. For more information please click here.

velo veltia triblade hand dryer velo veltia triblade hand dryer velo veltia triblade hand dryer

How Much Energy Can Hand Dryers Save?


It’s well known that hand dryers are significantly more eco-friendly than paper towel. In a time when green is more popular than ever, every public building should consider the switch from paper to energy efficient hand dryers. Hand dryers have the capability of saving a lot of costs vs. paper towels. Even if the paper towels are recycled paper, the paper has to be reduced to pulp, then needs to be dried to the point where it can actually be made wet again where the comparison of carbon impact makes hand dryers even more needed.

Hand dryers may use energy to make but after all is said and done they last on average 7 to 10 years which more than accounts for the energy used to produce it. While hand dryers produce less waste, paper towels are made from cutting down trees. The energy used to dry your hands with a hand dryer is far less than the energy used to cut down the trees, process it into paper and deliver it. Buying a, energy efficient hand dryer for your business helps save our planet!

Today's energy efficient hand dryers such as the Velo Fuga, V-Jet and Veltia all offer 80% or more in energy savings over traditional hand dryers. They offer 95% or better cost savings vs. paper towel. The choice is very clear, the high speed, energy efficient hand dryer of today's technology is far superior to the paper towel in every way.


Quiet Hand Dryers - How Is Noise Measured?


Quietness is determined by the dryer’s decibels. The decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level. It categorizes the hand dryer as either quiet or loud. The average decibel for a hand dryer is around 80 but there are dryers with a larger amount and with a lower amount. The Velo Kai hand dryer offers exceptional value with little noise at just 63 db. If you are looking for a quiet high speed hand dryer, the Velo V-Jet or Veltia is the quietest in our range operating at around 70 decibels.

What is Leed?


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certification system that provides third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies intended to improve performance with energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction and improved indoor environmental quality. LEED was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is intended to provide building owners and operators’ framework for identifying and apply practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.


LEED certification is issued after submitting an application meeting the requirements of the rating system as well as paying registration and certification fees. Certification is granted by the Green Building Certification Institute which is responsible for the third party verification of meeting the standards of LEED requirements.

It’s effectiveness is known to be 25-30% more energy efficient and also helps to increase productivity of better ventilation, temperature control, lighting control, and helps decrease indoor air pollution. It is also meant to improve employee health and comfort. We are proud that the Velo Fuga and Veltia have been granted LEED certification. For more information please click here.

leed certification


Are Hand Dryers Vandal Resistant?


Hand dryers are indeed vandal resistant. They are designed to withstand rigorous use as well as vandalism. Their tamper-proof bolts and covers are there to ensure durability. The Velo Cyclon and Windflow have been specifically designed for vandal proofing with their covers being manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel.

What Hand Dryers Do You Have To Suit My Budget?


Velo has a hand dryer for every budget. We stock 8 different models that range in price from approximately $250 - $1350 that suit a wide variety of environments. The low cost hand dryers like the Velo Kai are typically not high speed hand dryers and generally take a noticeably longer amount of time to dry hands. However, the noise level of the non-high speed hand dryers are considerably lower.

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Schools?

The Velo Fuga is growing fast and is very popular in schools. It is efficient and high speed. Kids are generally in a rush in between classes or if taking a bathroom break they are expected to be back to class quick, schools need a fast hand dryer that will do the job right. It promotes hygiene and saves 95% cost vs. paper towels.

If noise is of concern in schools with smaller children, consider the Velo Kai Hand Dryer. It only produces 63 decibels and is perfect for small schools with a low budget.

Middle schools and high schools are often tasked with preventing vandalism in the restrooms. How many times are the toilets clogged with paper towels? Hand Dryers eliminate the paper mess and reduce vandalism. The Velo Cyclon and Windflow are perfect for this kind of environment as they are manufactured with a thicker steel casing to provide excellent vandal proofing. 

What's most important for hand dryers for schools is the cost savings. The cost savings for using High Speed Hand Dryers in Schools is many thousands per year for one school. This is a clear cost savings for a school using hand dryers vs. paper towel. Many schools are also trying to go green. High Speed energy saving hand dryers are a clear solution for schools looking into saving energy and going green. What's most impressive is the hand dryer pays for itself in just 3-6 months. All new schools are being built with these high speed hand dryers, and older school buildings are moving to energy efficient hand dryers fast. You can calculate the cost savings of installing high speed velo hand dryers here.

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Daycare Centres?


Small children are typically intimidated by loud hand dryers. They are more likely to accept a quieter dryer that doesn’t make as much noise. The Velo Kai Hand Dryer offers exceptional value, dependable, and vandal resistant with little noise at just 63 db. Just 10 decibels alone will make a big difference with the noise level in restrooms, the lower the decibel the lower the sound level. Lower levels in sound will make young children in Daycare facilities feel more comfortable with using the restrooms there. Young children will also not react well to powerful high speed hand dryers. Thus we suggest sticking with the traditional hand dryer that offers a softer environment.

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Hotels?


The best Hand Dryer for a hotel would be determined by looking at your common customer base.

For the high end 5 star hotel, or hotels with casinos, we would suggest the Velo V-Jet or Velo Veltia models. These models are the most prestigious, unique hand dryers that you place the hands inside for a dry time ranging between 6-15 seconds. 

For the hotels 4 star and lower, we suggest the Velo Fuga hand dryer.

All of these hand dryers would be ideal for hotels because they offer energy savings. 

​If noise levels are of concern on your hotel, try the Velo Bigflow. This in turn increases the time it takes to dry hands, but you can find the right balance that works best for your hotel guests.


What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Hospitals?


Our top suggestion for hospitals is the new Velo Veltia with IonShield protection. Most hospitals already HEPA filters kill bacteria and germs, however these need to be maintained regularly. Now, the new Veltia utilises Ion technology which purifies the air be emitting negative ions that combat 99.6% of all bacteria and germs, mite and odours in a hospital environment.

The Velo Veltia is a super fast hand dryer – and it's hygienic. And because it uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, it costs less to run. It can also help lower a business's carbon footprint - with no paper towels creating waste.

Do Warm Air Hand Dryers Dry Hands Better Than Non Warm Hand Dryers?


When considering warm air hand dryers vs. no heat units, consider the size of your building or facility. It makes a lot of sense for a large facility that has a lot going on electrically to go with a non-heated hand dryer to conserve the maximum on energy usage. However, a warm air hand dryer is probably better suited for a smaller building where the restroom user's are customer based such as a restaurant. Most people prefer warm air as it is more comfortable to the hands and it helps evaporate water giving it a slight advantage when it comes to the amount of time it takes to dry hands. A general rule we use to explain to our customers is the product with a heating element installed will dry hands 1 or 2 seconds faster than a hand dryer lacking the heating element.

Non-warm air hand dryers do not include the heating element that warm air hand dryers have; this feature conserves energy. Some of the best hand dryers on the market are hand dryers with no heating element. The Velo V-Jet, Velo Veltia and Velo Fuga are some of the greenest hand dryers available today by not using a heating element. Warm air hand dryers tend to evaporate some of the water as the hands are blown dryer by the high speed and heat, while cool air hand dryers blow water off the hands. Heat is not a requirement for drying hands effectively. Velo has a range of warm air hand dryers including; Kai, Bigflow, Cyclon, Thin and Windflow.    

What Is Ionshield Technology?


Pollution which is generated from things like dust, pollen and smoke is charged with positive ions that can cause health problems such as asthma, allergies, fatigue and headaches. 

The inbuilt Ion air and environmental purifier in the Velo Veltia emits negative ions that combat the harmful positive ions in the environment. This cleans air of bacteria, mites & odours.

velo veltia triblade ionshield hand dryer

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Most Velo hand dryers generally ship the same day (if ordered before 10am) or next day. We offer free delivery Australia wise. We stock hundreds of models so chances are it will ship without delay, unless you are ordering a custom coloured V-Jet or Veltia in which case can take between 7-14 days.

Why Should Restaurants Use Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?

Restaurants should all carry high speed energy efficient hand dryers. Today's technology in hand dryers offer 10 second dry times, and energy savings so low, that it may cost as little as 18 cents per 1,000 uses to dry hands. The savings of 95% vs. paper towel, the hygienic improvements in the restaurant's restroom, and the amazing technology of the energy efficient hand dryer, increase levels of customer satisfaction, bringing your customers back as repeat visitors.

Consider walking into a restaurant. The environment is nice, the staff is professional, and the food is outstanding. However, you enter the restroom in the restaurant and when you go to dry your hands the paper towel dispenser is empty and there's paper towel mess all over the floor. Now imagine the restaurant owner had high speed energy efficient hand dryers installed, and they dry your hands in just 10 seconds. You're probably going to go back to your table and tell everyone the hand dryers in that restaurant are amazing.

Imagine the word of mouth advertising a restaurant can get from energy efficient hand dryers alone. The energy efficient hand dryer also pays for itself in just a few months. Never buy paper towel again, and eliminate maintenance for restaurant personnel. The choice is clear, install energy efficient hand dryers in all restaurants and enjoy the rewards of cost savings and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


What's The Best Way To Find Select A Hand Dryer?

​At we have made purchasing a hand dryer very straight forward for customers. On our website we have developed a hand dryer selector t ool. All you need to do is select the hand dryer attribute most important to you from the pulldown menu and the application will display the most suitable hand dryer for you. The attributes available to choose from are low traffic, low cost, high traffic, high speed, energy efficient, disabled washroom, extreme vandal proofing and compact. Click here to access the tool.

We also have a Velo hand dryer comparison chart that will help you compare the features of the entire hand dryer range. Click here to view.

What's The Best Choice Of Hand Dryer For Stadiums?

Hand dryers for stadiums should be durable, high speed, stylish and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. HPA Group recommends the Velo Fuga, V-Jet or the Veltia Tri-Blade. The Fuga is a great choice as it dries hands very quickly in 10-12 seconds making it perfect for high traffic areas and is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective jet hand dryers in the world. The V-Jet and Tri-Blade are also great choices as they too dry hands very quickly between 6-15 seconds,have any inbuilt water drainage system eliminating any water pooling on the floor as well as Ionshield and zero smell technology removing any germs, bacteria and unpleasant odours from the bathroom. On top of this these models have been beautifully designed and available in different colours making the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. The restrooms in high traffic stadiums should be nothing short of hygienic and convenient. Call 02 9773 0708 for the absolute best deal on hand dryers for stadiums.

What's The Best Choice Of Hand Dryer For Heavy Traffic Or High Volume?

High Volume or heavy traffic hand dryers are designed to withstand heavy levels of traffic in a rest room. The best choice for high volume hand dryers are energy high speed and energy efficient hand dryers. These hand dryers are best suited to areas including airports, clubs, casinos, theme parks, universities, sports stadiums, shopping malls, offices and cinemas.

The best high volume hand dryers that we recommend are the Velo Fuga, V-Jet and Veltia. With hand drying speeds between 6-15 seconds and power output as low as 800 watts these are extremely well suited to this kind of environment.

How Do I Connect The Power Cord To The V-Jet or Veltia Hand Dryer?


Connect the power cable to the unit Input terminal block as per the diagram below. 


velo veltia electrical installations

How Do I Know When the V-Jet or Veltia Water Tank Needs To Be Emptied?

When the water tank located at the bottom of the unit requires emptying a red light alarm will be activated as well as a warning beep. Refer to the diagram below.


How Do I empty a V-Jet or Veltia Water Tank?

The water tank can simply be removed by pulling it out from the bottom of the unit (refer to diagram below). Once the water has been emptied the water tank needs to be set back inside the dryer.

empty water tank velo veltia hand dryer

How Do I Clean The Dust Filters For A V-Jet or Veltia Hand Dryer?

The filters are located around the water tank. To clean simply remove the filters and wash with water. Refer to the diagram below.

clean filters velo veltia hand dryer


I'd Like To Compare Hand Dryers. Do You Have Any Videos To Look At?

We have produced a number of videos for each of our Velo hand dryers including Kai, Bigflow, Cyclon, Fuga, Windflow, Fuga, Vjet and Veltia. To view these videos click on the playlist below.


How Long Does It Take To Ship?


At Velo hand dryers we ship to customers all over Australia.  So whether you are residing in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or regional Australia we can deliver high quality European hand dryers directly to your door, 

Sydney: Overnight
Brisbane: Overnight
Melbourne: Overnight
Adelaide: 2 days
Perth: 5-7 Days
Hobart: 5-9 Days
Darwin: 5 - 9 Days


Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing For Bulk Purchases?


We can offer wholesale pricing for customers that want to order bulk quantities. We can supply you at wholesale pricing or drop-ship directly to your customers. You've found the #1 trusted wholesaler of hand dryers in the Australia. Request a quote to [email protected] and get bulk orders at wholesale prices today!

Where Can I Go To Research Cost Savings Of Hand Dryers?


On the Velo website we have developed a cost savings calculator. The calculator will show you the cost savings of using Velo hand dryers vs paper hand towels over one month and 12 month period. All you need to do is select the Velo hand dryer you are interested in, the electricity rate you currently pay (on avg $0.23 kwh), the price you are currently paying for paper hand towels and the number of hand towels per carton. The calculator will do the rest. Each Velo hand dryer has a different power output. The Velo Fuga is our most energy efficient hand dryer so it is the cheapest option compared with paper hand towels.

What's The Most Prestigous Hand Dryer You Stock?


Hand down Velo's most prestigous hand dryer in the new Velo Veltia Tri-Blade with Ionshield protection.

Veltia Tri Blade Hand Dryer is pure innovation and the design is based on a patented system, which makes it the most exclusive hand dryer in the market. It works with an exclusive application of air currents at high speed with three air injection lines, drying your hands in 6-8 seconds.

The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade with Ionshield protection offers unmatched comfort, hygiene and environmental benefits compared with other dryers. Pollution which is generated from things like dust, pollen and smoke is charged with positive ions that can cause health problems such as asthma, allergies, fatigue and headaches. The inbuilt Ion air and environmental purifier in the Velo Veltia emits negative ions that combat the harmful positive ions in the environment.


What's The Most Durable Hand Dryer You Stock?

The classic Velo Cyclon and Velo Windflow hand dryer are one of the fastest, durable and reliable hand dryers in its class. It's well suited to a wide variety of high traffic situations including sports stadiums, schools, petrol stations, public washrooms, hotels, airports, clubs, offices and cinemas.

Is The Veltia Tri-Blade Noisier Than the V-Jet?


As the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade is more powerful and faster than the V-Jet it is slightly noiser. This is also amplified due to the design of the Tri-Blade as the air is pushed through a blade system (refer to image on the right) compared with 300 air nozzles that act to distribute the air pressure evenly.

velo vjet hand dryer 300 nozzles          velo veltia tri-blade hand dryer

What Is the Benefit Of Buying A Velo Veltia Tri-Blade With Ionshield?


The major benefit of this machine over the standard Velo Veltia Tri-Blade is that it eliminates the use of HEPA filters. The inbuilt Ion air and environmental purifier in the Velo Veltia emits negative ions that combat the harmful positive ions in the environment, keeping the air clean from harmful bacteria. Even though the upfront cost of the Ionshield is higher it will save the customer money in the long term as there is no longer a cost associated with purchasing HEPA filters and resources required to replace them. 

How Do I Maintain A Velo VJet or Veltia Hand Dryer?


There are a number of things that need to be carried out to ensure your Velo hand dryer performs at it's optimum and goes the distance. These include;

(1) External Cleaning 

Use only a damp cloth and soft cleaner. Using inappropriate products may damage the material strength due to stress. Do
not use bleach or abrasive cleaners

(2) Cleaning Drain Tube

Use the cleaning brush to clean the drain tube to prevent obstruction of the water tank.

(3) Cleaning Water Tank

Clean reservoir grids with water to ensure proper airflow. Remove dust from grids.

(4) Replace HEPA filters every three months so they don't block air entrance

(5) ZeroSmell Gel must be replaced every 3 months

Click here to download the Velo maintenance manual 

Are Your Hand Dryers Safety Compliant? 

Commercial and public buildings need to meet certain health, safety and building regulations to ensure the safety of those using the facilities. The Velo range of hand dryers are made to the highest European quality and standards before they are shipped to you.

Our Velo experts can advise on placement, distance and number of hand dryers for your premises to ensure they meet health and safety regulations. Velo always recommend that you only use a qualified electrician to install Velo hand dryers to ensure that the power and cabling is safe, sealed, and secure.


Benefits Of Quicker Dry Times And Heated Hand Drying 

Nowadays all commercial premises, whether it be an office, factory, or restaurant cannot get away with substandard facilities. The advent of the mobile phone and online reviews mean that businesses cannot hide anymore, and that means offering premium facilities for the comfort of staff and customers.

When it comes to bathrooms, people want bathroom facilities that are pleasant to be in, hygenic and environmentally friendly. Hand dryers do away with wasteful paper towels while low energy and ion technology models bring quick drying with maximum hygiene. Wet hands are known to transfer up to 1000 times more germs and bacteria than dry hands, so a thorough, heated, hand dry time is a must where sanitary conditions are a priority.

Faster hand dry times also help out with heavy foot traffic bathrooms. The quicker the dry experience, the faster patrons move through the bathroom which reduces queues congestion and wet floors.  This can also be a benefit to the building owner, as faster dry times means less energy consumption, which means lower electricity bills.


Calculating Energy Consumption With Hand Dryers 


There are several factors involved when trying to calculate energy consumption for hand dryers. The first is obvious, which is to check the wattage and power and check with your hand dryer manufacturer as to what the average usage is per activation. This then needs to be measured up against your electricity contract to gain a dollar figure per day. There are other costs which need to be taken into consideration when working out the true cost of installing a hand dryer.  Examples are:-

​* Cleaning hours, let wet floors and mess on bathroom floors may mean that you can reduce your cleaning hours.
* Paper towels are no longer required, which is a monthly cost which can become a saving if efficient and quick-drying models are implemented.
* Plumbing costs across the year ay also decrease as there are no longer any thick paper towels hanging around which can be flushed into toilets, blocking pipes. 


Maintenance Tips For Hand Dryers 


Not all hand dryers are the same. Todays models come in all shapes, sizes, finishes and with different technology. It’s really important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance so get the longest life out of your hand dryer, but also prevent voiding the warranty. 

Sanitary and hygienic conditions are a must. There is no point following the instructions for maintaining your hand dryer if the bathroom itself is full of dust, mould, grime and damp. It is also advised to carry our yearly electrical checks for test, tagging and power safety to ensure your hand dryer not only runs for many years, but runs efficiently during its lifespan. 


Tips To Control Splash And Drips In Restrooms 

Splashes and drips are inevitable in any commercial bathroom. The trick is to take steps to minimise and manage the hazards as much as possible. Water on a tiled floor is an instant hazard for slips and falls, and dirty water is a haven for bugs and germs to breed.

There are splash guards and absorbent mat solutions available, but unless they are properly maintained, can actually add to the germs and bacteria in your bathrooms. Carefully planned and correct locations of hand dryers can greatly minimise drips, so take the time to track the foot traffic in your bathroom before installing a dryer, and enlist the help of your hand dryer supplier who can advise on number and location. 

Regular and efficient cleaning schedules can also keep up the maintenance of your bathrooms and remove any slip hazards.


Standard Versus Blade Hand Dryers 

There are a couple of marked differences between standard and blade hand dryers. Blades spread the air across a wider area so both hands can fit fully into the unit and dry evenly. Blade hand dryers are usually ‘hand in’ meaning the hands are pointed down and into the unit. This means that water drops are captured in the hand dryer unit and not on the floor.  These units do need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that stagnant water doesn’t hang around too long in the unit, becoming a haven for bacteria.


A blade dryer offers more even and faster drying times than standard hand dryers and dryer hands means less transfer of bacteria. Some blade models are also designed with ion technology for increased germ protection.

How Hand Dryers Contribute To Restroom Hygiene

There are lots of ways in which hand dryers contribute to restroom hygiene. Firstly, they remove the need for paper towels which become wet, a slip hazard and overflowing, bacteria filled bins. Depending on the design, some blade hand dryers capture any water drips so dirty water is not splashed across bathroom floors.  New models of hand dryers also come with HEPA filters and Ion technology which neutralises odours and work to reduce contaminants and bacteria in the air. 

How Do Identify Proper Placement Of Hand Dryers

Ideally you should look to have one hand dryer for every two sinks, but this can be dependent on foot traffic and space.  There are several steps to choosing the correct placement of your hand dryer:-


* Safety should ALWAYS come first! Ensure that you purchase a hand dryer which meets all safety and building regulations and only use a qualified electrician to do the install. This will ensure a safe and secure fit.
* Look at the washroom and identify how people move from toilet cubicle to sink. By doing this, you will see where the hand dryer should go to keep foot traffic moving.
* Choose a location near the sinks to avoid water dripping on the floor which can be a safety and hygiene hazard.
* Be aware of corners, mirrors,and other units which can cause obstacles, accidents and confusion.
* Seek out advice on spacing from your hand dryer supplier when purchasing multiple units. Your supplier can advise on the best model for your bathroom and spacing requirements.