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What are Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings?

Where to install grab bar for toilet?

Professional grab bar installation requires that grab bars should be provided on the sidewall closest to the toilet to help people with sitting and standing or transferring from a wheelchair onto the toilet seat. A grab bar should also be placed behind the toilet which is helpful for caregivers helping someone to sit and stand.

What is the best location for grab bars in the shower?

When deciding for installing grab bars in the toilet the most critical is to decide where to put grab bars in the shower. During shower grab bar installation, consider the height of anyone who will be using those bars. You want to be able to reach the grab bar comfortably from the shower and use it to help raise or lower yourself into place. A bar placed at the wrong height might not provide support or prevent a fall therefore standard shower grab bar height should be considered.
Sometimes installing a bar on an angle or in a vertical position can be more helpful than in a horizontal position. The use of a grab bar will help you determine how high should grab bars be installed and what should be the best style and location of the grab bar. If you are a person with some special needs, consulting an occupational therapist for advice on the most helpful style and position of grab bars will be more helpful. 
Fortunately, there are many designs and styles in modern grab bars that offer not only convenience but also style and integrated safety inside a toilet and under a shower. Some of the most common designs include:

Designer curved grab bars offer a bar with options of installation at multiple heights in which the lowest part is closest to the seat to help you with support while you stand. This type of grab bar is dual purpose and incorporates a toilet roll holder as well. You can also choose a finish that suits your décor.​

Zig zag safety bars offer multi-level rails that provide sit-to-stand support with 2 levelled horizontal and an angled section in the middle. These bars are available in many different finishes which include satin or polished stainless, powder-coated black, bronze or white.
Swing up grab bars is considered ideal for toilets that do not have a wall beside them. These are the folding bars that can be installed on both sides for providing support on each side.

Crescent bars or wave grab bars are helpful throughout the whole bathroom and available in many different styles and finishes that complement your bathroom aesthetics but they may not stand out as much as an assistive aid.
Installing grab bars and other assistive devices in your bathroom is a big step towards offering convenience and comfort to people with special needs, therefore, guidance on how to install grab bars is necessary to avoid any compromise on the purpose.