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Safety Tips To Follow While Using A Baby Changing Table

Using a baby changing table is a great convenience for mothers and all busy parents. Baby changing stations are designed to provide a comfortable spot for parent and baby to get cleaned, changed and dressed. Buying a quality, affordable baby changing table should be part of any newborn shopping checklist.

However, most parents are busy juggling jobs and other life admin tasks and  want multi-purpose and cost effective newborn and baby products. They might want to choose a changing table effective in both cost and space but also safe for both parent and child.

Child safety should always be a priority at every stage of their growth and development. However, when it comes to choosing a baby change table, what features should you look for, for maximum safety and protection? We have listed some safety tips and features to look for when choosing a baby change station, but firstly, let’s look at the common accidents and injuries caused.

  • Restrainer provided with the baby changing table is left unfastened.
  • In search of nappies or clothes, the child is left unattended at the changing tables.
  • Creams, lotions, open pins or bottles are left on the changing station left in easy reach of the baby.

Safety Tips to Safely Use Baby Changing Tables

Baby changing tables are designed to change baby nappies and diapers and you will find a range of household and commercial baby changing stations from stand-alone to wall-mounted, wood construction to stainless steel. Some come with fixed storage shelves or adjustable cabinet shelves and drawers. However, comfort and safety should remain a priority for your little one. By following some simple tips, you can greatly reduce the instances of baby changing table incidents.

Don’t Forget to fasten Restrainer

Modern and commercial baby changing tables now come with a safety strap which helps minimise your baby’s movements and keeps them safely in place whilst changing. You should check and test the safety strap regularly to ensure appropriate support.

Regularly Check For Fixtures

With regular use, a baby changing table may become weak and fixtures may become loose. Therefore, keep an eye on fixing screws, loose or broken parts, as well as any hinges to ensure your baby change stations remain safe and secured to the wall.

Keep All Accessories Accessible

Ensure that you have all your accessories and items close at hand so you do not need to walk away from the change table, however, items should be out of baby’s reach for safety reasons.  Invest in a changing table which has drawers or cabinets which can help you with extra storage to easily avoid accidents.

Carefully Arrange Items On Changing Table

Creams, lotions, pins, and other small items that are required during nappy change should be placed out of reach of the baby. Removing them from the station after use and keeping them safely in the locked drawer would prevent them getting hold of them and possibly ingesting harmful objects which could result in a choking hazard. Remember, babies tend to play with everything they find around them so be wise in arranging and managing the changing table for your baby.

Grab their attention during the process

Babies have bundles of energy and they love to move especially during nappy change time. In order to keep them engaged and avoid injuries that might result due to frequent movement and your efforts, you need to grab their attention either by talking to them, playing music or simply giving them a toy.

Select Roll-off Protected Changing Tables

Babies can roll over in a blink of an eye and this is where the height of the table matters most. The higher the table, the greater the fall. Therefore, it is recommended that you select models which provide roll-off protection with at least 10cm raised sides and ends to provide maximum safety.

Carefully Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions And limitations

Like every furniture item, household and commercial baby changing tables also come with a manufacturer’s manual guide and warranty. From assembly to installation, cleaning and maintenance, everything is provided in a set of instructions that you must read carefully for the best result. Important factors, such as the baby’s weight, size and age are also outlined to help achieve the best outcome and usage.

If you choose a wall-mounted commercial baby changing station to be installed at your school, nursery, daycare center, hospital or any other public place, following these tips will help you keep your baby safe from accidents arising while using changing tables. VELO has some really comfortable and safe commercial baby changing station options that you can select and invest for the value of money.