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What's The Best Choice Of Hand Dryers For Stadiums?
The best hand dryers for stadiums should be durable, high speed and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. We recommend the Velo Fuga, V-J..
How Long Does The Delivery Take?
We endeavour to ship most Velo hand dryers on the same day (if ordered before 10 am) or the next working day with free delivery Australia wide. Vel..
Where Could I Go To Research Cost Savings Of Hand Dryers?
When researching the cost of a hand dryer there are a few things to consider. Firstly, unit cost alone is not a true reflection of the cost of running..
Benefits Of Quicker Dry Times And Heated Hand Drying
Social media can be great for business, but it can also be damaging. Workplaces, restaurants, hotels intact any commercial premises cannot get away wi..
Are Hand Dryers Vandal Resistant
A common question we get asked from building managers of high foot traffic bathrooms is ‘is the Velo hand dryer vandal resistant?’. Velo hand dryer..
What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Hotels?
Looking for a hand dryer for hotels can be a challenging task. You need a dryer which is stylish, in keeping with the hotel decor, quiet, hygienic and..
What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Day Care Centres?
What are the best hand dryers for day care centres? Day care centres need to be hygienic, safe places for children to learn and play. They also nee..
How To Connect The Power Cord With Velo V-Jet Or Triblade Hand Dryer
See below our instructional diagram to connect the power cord to the Velo V-Jet or Veltia Hand Dryer.  If you are unsure how to connect the power..
Do Warm Air Hand Dryers Dry Hands Better?
When considering a hand dryer installation one of the biggest decisions is whether to choose a warm hand dryer vs non-warm hand dryers. The key to mak..
What's The Most Durable Hand Dryer You Stock?
When it comes to hand dryers and particularly hand dryers in high foot traffic areas, you need one which is reliable, durable and requires minimal mai..
Why Should Restaurants Use Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?
The hand dryer vs paper towel debate has been in discussion with facilities managers and cleaning managers for years. But, with recent innovation in d..
What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Hospitals?
Choosing a hand dryer for hospitals is incredibly important. You need a hand dryer with maximum hygiene features and also low noise so as not to annoy..
How Hand Dryers Contribute To Restroom Hygiene
There are lots of ways in which Velo hand dryers contribute to restroom hygiene.  Firstly, they remove the need for paper towels which become ..
How Do I Empty A V-Jet Or Veltia Water Tank?
Emptying a V-Jet or Veltia water tank is very simple. The water tank is removed by pulling it out from the bottom of the unit (refer to the diagram..
How Do I Clean The Dust Filters For V-Jet Or Triblade Hand Dryers
Cleaning the dust filters on Velo hand dryers is a breeze. The clean the hand dryer dust filter simply remove the filters and wash with water. Refer t..
Who Should Install The Hand Dryer?
         The installation process needs an electrician to wire your hand dryers correctly and also test and tag the machin..
What Hand Dryers Do You Have To Suit My Budget?
Velo has a wide range of budget hand dryers to suit all kinds of bathrooms! Our quality, European designed dryers start at just $250 a unit and we als..
How Long Does It Take To Ship?
At Velo hand dryers we ship our hand dryers to customers all over Australia.  So, whether you are residing in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbour..
Are Your Hand Dryers Safety Compliant?
Workplace health and safety should be a priority for all commercial premises. Business owners in Australia can be personally liable if found negligent..
Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing For Bulk Purchasing?
We can offer wholesale but pricing for customers who are looking to purchase multiple hand dryer units with significant discounts. At Velo supply w..
How Do I Know If V-Jet Or Veltia Water Tank Needs To Be Emptied?
When the water tank of the V-Jet Veltia water tank needs emptying a red light alarm will be activated along with a warning beep. The diagram below dem..
What Is The Best Velo Hand Dryer?
The top of the range most exclusive hand dryer we offer is the  Velo Veltia Tri-Blade. It dries hand in 6-8 seconds which is one of the fastest h..
Standard Versus Blade Hand Dryers
There are a couple of marked differences between standard and blade hand dryers. Blades spread the air across a wider area so both hands can fit fully..
How Does The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Compare With Competitors?
We often get asked how we are different to Dyson and we love answering that questions!   The Veltia Tri-Blade hand dryer is superior to t..
How Much Energy Can Velo Hand Dyers Save?
In the war between paper towels and hand dryers, hand dryers win. Businesses no longer choose to operate in a green and sustainable way, it’s now a ne..
What is The Warranty For A Velo Hand Dryer?
Every hand dryer in the Velo hand dryer range comes with a long 5-year warranty. Your Velo hand dryer is guaranteed against faults and defects for a p..
What Is The Benefit Of Buying A Velo Tri-Blade With Ionshield Technology?
The Veltia Tri-Blade with ion shield removes the need to replace HEPA filters. The inbuilt ion air and environmental purifier in the Velo Veltia emits ..
What's The Most Prestigious Hand Dryer You Stock?
If you’re looking for the most prestigious hand dryer on the market, you cannot go past the outstanding design and performance of the Velo Veltia Tri ..
What's The Best Way To Select A Hand Dryer?
The best way to select a hand dryer that will work well in your premises is to think about a few criteria first. This will help you narrow down the op..
Quiet Hand Dryers - How Is Noise Measured?
Quiet hand dryers are increasingly popular. The average decibel for a hand dryer is around 80 but the Velo Kai hand dryer offers exceptional value ..
Calculating Energy Consumption With Hand Dryers
There are several factors involved when trying to calculate energy consumption for hand dryers.  The first is to check the wattage and power a..
How Do I Maintain A Velo V-Jet Or Veltia Hand Dryer?
There are a number of things that need to be carried out to maintain V-Jet or Veltia hand dryer. Maintaining your Velo hand dryer will ensur..
How Do Identify Proper Placement Of Hand Dryers
It can be difficult to know the proper placement of hand dryers, but we have some top tips to help you! It is recommended to have one hand dryer fo..
Is The Veltia Tri-Blade Noiser Than The V-Jet?
The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade is one of the most powerful hand dryers on the market and dries hands in a matter of seconds. Superior dryer time can only h..
Maintenance Tips For Hand Dryers
What’s the best maintenance tip for hand dryers? Well, it’s to check the manufacturer's instructions as not all hand dryers are the same.  Tod..
Tips To Control Splash And Drips In Restrooms
Splashes and drips are inevitable in any commercial bathroom. The trick is to take steps to minimise and manage the hazards as much as possible. Water..
What Is Ionshield Technology?
Pollution in bathrooms is generated from things like dust, pollen, smoke and germs which become airborne when a hand dryer is used.  This polluti..
What Is Leed?
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognised green building certification which provides third-party verifi..
What's The Best Choice Of Hand Dryer For Heavy Traffic?
You may pop in a Google search for ‘best hand dryer’ but what does that actually mean? Usually, if a customer is looking for the ‘best hand dryer’ ..
What Are The Best Hand Dryers For School?
Looking for a hander for schools? The Fuga is our most popular hand dryer for schools. It’s efficient and very high speed. Kids are generally in a rus..